In LOVE with Pink Blush

  1. Irene Sifonios says:

    I ❤️❤️❤️ this dress! Beautiful and timeless, you look gorgeous as always!!!

  2. you look so beautiful little greek 🖤

  3. Rachel says:

    This dress is gorgeous!

  4. Brittney Kubicki says:

    This dress was MADE for you! You look gorgeous! I’ve filled a cart a few times but mom brain always lets me down 😂 after your review I’ll have to actually check out hahaha

  5. I learned of Pink Blush when researching maternity clothes this summer! Their clothes look BEAUTIFUL, but since I didn’t know anyone who had bought from them, I didn’t know how the quality of their clothes held up. Glad to know that I now have an inside source! If they’re open to constructive criticism, I would say that they sent too many e-mails (almost smacks of desperation). Also, I understand the dresses being hand-wash and air-dry, but when I buy casual clothes, I want them to be rugged enough to be machine washed. Their t-shirts and yoga pants are also listed as hand-wash.That said, they have piqued my curiosity. (Don’t have IG so not entering, but wanted to give some feedback.) You look wonderful!

    • Raising Cubs says:

      Not sure they were looking for constructive criticism, but thank you for yours ! I was able to put mine in the wash on gentle cycle and I just hung it dry. I agree with the fact that clothes need to be easy to maintain ( especially as a Mama) , which is one of the reasons I reccomend this dress.

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