the truth about homeschooling your kid; year one in the books, this is what I have learned thus far

  1. Brandy says:

    I have wracked my brain trying to get Jacksons preschool curriculum planned out even though he has atleast another year before we begin and even in my own family my and my fiancées choice to homeschool has not been welcomed with open arms, in fact his own brother called him randomly one day to pick a fight and tell us how wrong we were to “deprive him of normal life experiences” and after that I did have doubts but after some long thinking I still firmly believe it’s what is best for my son and our family. Sorry about the small rant but thank you for writing this it feels good to know some of the obstacles I’m experiencing are normal and it just gives me that much more confidence that I can do this!!!

    • Raising Cubs says:

      Yes and I’m here to help you feel free to ask any questions. Yes that is all normal !! Find me on social media and send me an email !

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