The boys have always been water babies. Pools, lakes, the ocean, the bay, you name it and they want to swim in it. Being outdoors can be a concern especially with Luke’s delicate skin. Thats were SwimZip comes into the picture 🙂 The brand is based out of Kansas City and they design every piece with […]

Keeping the Cubs Safe with SwimZip

We are only a few weeks into our schooling, but all of us can already tell it is going to be a great year! I was a little nervous like I always am leading up to starting new grades with FOUR cubs and Sonlight Curriculum has surpassed my expectations. All the guess work, searching for the […]

We love Sonlight for homeschool

As if breastfeeding wasn’t hard enough, try dressing so you can have easy access to your milk supply at all times. For a new mom that is dealing with post partum and body image it is never easy. Meet Roolee a trendy online shop that caters to Mamas!   I am so grateful to have […]

Making Breastfeeding easier + stylish with Roolee

When it comes to moving nine months pregnant less is definitely more ! Which is why we chose Compass + Star for our bedroom mattress when we moved. It was delivered straight to our front door in a small box. Compass + Star was born out of two designers who were determined to make mattress […]

Getting a better nights rest with Compass + Star

It didn’t take much for my hopes and dreams of motherhood to be quickly squashed. You know that Mother you always thought you would be? Always happy,  NEVER YELLING and enjoying every single moment? Growing up I always knew I wanted to have kids, in fact I really had no desire to be some powerful […]

why enough seems out of reach

We are so excited and blessed to announce that we are expecting another cub ! Thank you for being patient with me during the tired, sick part of pregnancy these past few months. I promise I will begin to be more regular with my posts soon! Thank you for all of the love and support […]

Baby Number F O U R


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