a letter to my sons

a letter to my sons
Growing up for me wasn’t always easy, secure, or picture perfect. 
Even as a young girl I had this deep desire to be a mom, your mom 
Looking back I know that came from above , but also was my way of fixing what wasn’t for me as a kid. 
I remember being a teen, and people would say
“ what do you want to be when you grow up “
A mother. 
Simple enough. 
I wanted to be YOUR mother. 
Raising my first baby was more than humbling. 
Thanks Yanni ( chuckle ) 
It was hard and extremely lonely. 
I felt like the first mom that ever existed. 
It shook me in ways I wasn’t prepared for.
Then the bear came. 
My Marco was the calm in the stormy waters of being a new mama. 
He gave me confidence in my ability as a mother. 
Showed me to trust my gut. 
And that I could do this dream job I always wanted. 
One thing I want you boys to know about your mommy is this, 
you were never a distraction from more important work –
Your Daddy and I met when I was a kid. 
Funny how God works. 
Even at the young age of 15 I couldn’t live without your daddy – that’s when I knew he was my forever. 
Your daddy is the hardest working man I have ever met and will ever know. 
And he does it all without complaint.
He is the picture of sacrifice. 
And also the best cook around. 
As you already know your daddy supports me, 
encourages me, protects me, and lets me follow every crazy dream or idea I have. 
His shoes will not be easy to fill one day when you have wives of your own.
There are some things I want you boys to take with you into adulthood. 
Put God first. 
In all areas of your life – not perfectly but always seek him. 
The only truth left in this world anymore is found in that old book. 
Live by it. 
Raise your babies by it. 
Don’t believe what you believe because that’s how we’ve raised you. 
Form your own opinions. 
Be a truth seeker. 
Please don’t follow the norm.  
It can be hard but don’t compromise on your beliefs no matter how hard the fight may seem. 
It’s always worth it. 
Dance in the kitchen. 
Sing out loud. 
Laugh till you cry. 
Stay wild. 
Stay free. 
My sons. 

Remember your brothers are God’s gift to you. 

Your blood. 

No matter what.  

Stay close. 

Help each other.  

Pray with each other , pray FOR each other. 

Defend them forever. 

As the Lord  blesses you. 

Bless others. 

I expect our tight knit bonds to carry us through to the end of days. 

Be yourself. 

Be real. 

Don’t lie. 


Or cheat. 

Always do your best. 

Always work your hardest. 

Yanni my favorite thing about you is your strong will, the fight in you, 

yet also the softness to scripture you have. 

Marco, my favorite thing about you is your gentle spirit. My lizard catching fisherman. 

Jamie oh Jamie, 

You’re the rainbow of my life. 

My muse, so creative and you could care less what anyone thinks of your favorite color. 

( GOLD  and rainbows ) 

And our baby bear Luke. 

You closed the best chapter of our story. 

My favorite thing about you is your laugh, 

your fat thighs, the way you trust me indefinitely as I hold you. 

Boys, when you’re older take the vacations. 


Look into your babies eyes. 

Hold your wives hands. 

Don’t miss the things that matter most. 

Which is family. 

Your family. 

Work is important, but not most important. 

Life is so short.  

I feel like I blinked and now I almost have a ten year old. 

Happiness for you will never come from temporary things.  

But the things money cannot buy. 

My sons. 

You have been 

and will always be

 my greatest adventure. 

The best thing that has ever

 or will ever happen to me. 

You’ve made me the woman I am today. 

And for that. I am forever grateful. 

Mommy loves you to the moon and back. 

Sean, we will be married ten years this year. 

It’s never been perfect, but our love has always been worth it. 

I can’t imagine life without you. 

Knowing you since I was a kid, gave me the unique opportunity of watching you go through trials and become the man you are today. 

To my future self, remember in this moment what matters most is US.

An imperfect family. 

That loves unconditionally without limits. 

Time is the most clever thief, and what I’ve learned is babies don’t keep. 

Love always your imperfect mama xo