BOY MOM: the good, the bad, and the disgusting

BOY MOM: the good, the bad, and the disgusting

Becoming a Mother is monumental.

No matter what the sex, it changes you for the better, drives you to insanity and fills your heart more than you could have ever imagined.

But being a Mom to all boys has sort of made me an unofficial boy expert.

So I thought it would be fun to share my personal findings of being a Mother of all boys.

Boy Mom: The good, the bad, and the disgusting.  


How could there possibly be anything bad that comes with a house full of rambunctious  testosterone? Well there is ! For instance, you cannot have anything nice for the next twenty years or so because they will break it. Being a  boy Mom means you have to have a sense of humor because they will most likely embarrass you on multiple occasions in public by wrestling on the floor of a store, farting, picking their nose and eating it, and or all of the above. Everything can and will be used as a weapon or a pretend weapon.You might not want your kid playing with toy guns, but that doesn’t mean he won’t. I’ve seen pencils, and even a piece of chalk, used as stand-ins when playing the inevitable game of war. No bathroom, no problem! Nature is their toilet and they will have no problem going any place they can find, like behind a tree at mini golf or right in your front yard 🙂

The Disgusting

Oh yeah, all of  your Mom friends that have only girls will think you are the grossest family alive and that is okay because they JUST WONT GET IT! One boy can be dirty, two boys can get a little smelly, but THREE boys or more and basically your home, your car and anywhere you bring them will eventually become disgusting. Why you ask? Farting is just as vital as breathing, If I dare ask them to hold it in I am almost immediately deafened by groans of agony. I’ve been told it’s just not healthy to hold them in; it isn’t natural. So another fact about being a boy mom is it smells! Also they pick their nose and   eat it, and they don’t care if and when they get caught. Another disgusting part of being a  Mama to all boys is the horrible potty word PENIS! They will touch that thing whenever they want, wherever they want and like eating their boogers, they will not care who is watching!

The Good

For all of the embarrassing moments, smelly car rides and poop talk, being a mom of all boys is good, it is so so very good, in fact, I would argue that it is the best! Not one single ultrasound has ever come and gone with a feeling of disspointment when we found out the gender. I can say with my whole heart that I LOVE being a mother to all boys. Now thats not to say that I feel pity for Moms who have both sexes or have three girls

( although the public very quickly likes to make comments on how sorry they are I won’t have a daughter for life )


That saying is null and void as far as I am concerned, I have met sons who cherish their Moms till the very end, and daughters who move away as soon as they turn 18. So if you are a boy Mom reading this, take heart and know that only God knows the plans for your child in the future. Being a Mother to all boys means I am the Queen B in my house, with a built in army of little protective boys who love me to pieces. It also means I get the rare and unique opportunity of raising future Godly men, husbands, and leaders. Nothing could possibly replace the moments your son(s) look at you and say

Mommy you are so beautiful 


I hope my wife is just like you 

I have daydreamed of the day when these three crazy boys of mine are grown, taller than me, hairy etc. and that always makes me smile. I cherish my boys, the privilege of raising men and every stinky, loud, smelly moment they throw at me 🙂

You will be your sons

first love,

first kiss,

first everything.