our Vaccine Story

our Vaccine Story

This blog post was written in 2017 and applies just the same in 2022, all I ask is that you read with an open mind no matter where you stand and #BELIEVEMOTHERS


I know that I will get much heat for even bringing up vaccines at all.

Far too much controversy right?

See the problem with not saying anything at all is my conscious starts to nag at me,

especially since it seems the Pro vaxxers have no problem publicly bashing my convictions and making statements that aren’t even credible.

So after much prayer, I have decided to share my story.

With absolutely no hate, bashing or controversy.

All I can simply do is tell my readers the truth.

This is my story.

Take it or leave it.

Seven years ago I was a young new mom, about to give birth to my first son.

I was highly influenced by everyone other than myself.

I gave birth to an underweight baby boy.

I was elated.

It didn’t take long for the hardships to begin with Yanni’s health.

Appointment number one.

Shots and weight check.

Doctor why is he not gaining weight?

Why is he always miserable and feverish after shots?

Of course the answers I took almost as if they were God spoken,

because after all, who am I to question authority or a highly educated physician ?

Every.  Single. Week.

I was at the doctors with my sickly baby.

So scared.

So confused.

Month TWO, check up, shots.

Then the doctor tells me he doesn’t like how yellow my baby looks.

Further invasive testing and next thing I know I find myself at the Cancer unit at


Talk about life changing,

world breaking,

this isn’t happening kind of stuff.

Be told your child may have Cancer, nothing else will matter.

To spare very personal details and your time, I will tell you that this experience forced me to question everything. The weekly visits, miserable baby, Antibiotics given at every appointment and the medical industry in general.

I started my own journey of research,

I began to find article after article of almost the same exact story from different families across the world.

I changed everything,

my diet,

the babies diet,

vitamins and our lifestyle in general.

I did mini cleanses on my son to flush his system of heavy metals and toxins.

Almost immediately he began to gain, and show signs of a healthy child and development.

So with all my articles in hand,

and my baby that doubled in size and was obviously a completely different child than the month prior, I went into my next appointment.

I begged my doctor to let me prolong the vaccines on MY SCHEDULE,

many studies have proven that vaccines if given at all,

shouldn’t be done until the child’s immune system develops and that isn’t until after two years of age.

Well guess what happened next?

The doctor refused to see my son, and laughed at me for thinking I knew any better.

Further research and I found that children are getting almost triple the vaccines that our parents gave us  30 years ago.

Wait that makes no sense.

America has only become more conscious of living conditions and water practices.

So why so many more ?

When it comes to vaccines: Be informed. Know each individual vaccine and the disease it is correlated with. Know your individual child’s risk factor both for getting the disease (and/or actually being harmed by it) and the likelihood of adverse effects due to over-vaccination. Know how natural, life-long immunity is built in the body, and how it benefits an individual over his/her lifetime. Understand the most powerful of infant immunizations –exclusive breastfeeding. Make decisions on a vax-by-vax basis. There is no reason to blindly say ‘yes’ to 36-38 injections before your baby turns 66 months of age.” 

Most common vaccine ingredients in the CDC schedule

Child (birth through 6 years) 7 through 18 years old Adults (19 years and older)
1. Formaldehyde Formaldehyde Neomycin
2. Aluminum Aluminum Gelatin (from pig or cow)
3. Neomycin Polysorbate-80 Egg protein
4. Albumin, Fetal Bovine Serum Glutaraldehyde Formaldehyde
5. Polysorbate-80 Egg protein Glutamate
6. Gelatin (from pig or cow) Bovine, Casamino Acid (milk proteins) Monosodium L-glutamate
7. Human Protein/DNA from fetal cell line MRC-5 Ammonium Sulfate Glutaraldehyde
8. Egg protein Baculovirus (insect protein/DNA) Human Protein/DNA from fetal cell line WI-38
9. Peptone, Soy Dimethyl-beta-cyclodextrin Human Protein/DNA from fetal cell line Wistar RA 27/3
10. 2-Phenoxyethanol L-histidine Albumin, Fetal Bovine Serum



Fast forward 6 years and I am now a grateful mother of three healthy sons.

My sickly first born son is a smart, athletic, healthy young man.

My middle son Mark and the baby James have never had one vaccine.

They have also never been sick other then common colds, or stomach viruses.

Mark and Jamie have never been on Antibiotics and all three are off the charts in development and growth in the United States.

I am not anti vaccines,

I am pro parents making the decisions when it comes to their children.

I beg  you to make informed decisions weighing ALL risks .

I know that for some families it is worth it to follow the vaccine schedule and thats perfectly okay, your family, your God given right.

But let us not be scared into submission to a sinful money making industry, know the facts, and don’t just take their word for it.

I could have lost my first born if it wasn’t for God’s mercy and Holy Spirit leading me to test all things.


My favorite Vaccine Books

Critical Vaccine Review by Dr. Miller

Vaccine Epidemic