A letter to my sons Growing up for me wasn’t always easy, secure, or picture perfect.  Even as a young girl I had this deep desire to be a mom, your mom  Looking back I know that came from above , but also was my way of fixing what wasn’t for me as a kid.  […]

A letter to my sons

Pregnancy can be exciting and scary at the same time. Pregnancy also comes with some pretty common discomforts. Your pregnancy doesn’t have to be a dreadful experience, full of morning sickness, body aches, or lack of sleep. I also know when you get pregnant, most options go out the window and you can feel a […]

Pregnancy and Oils

Dear Sean, Another year. This one was different than the rest. God let much loss and pain in. I have a different perspective on discipline being a mom of three boys, knowing temporary pain produces lasting change in my sons. I cant speak on behalf of God, but I know for certain you are his […]

dear sean

First Christmas after loss is hard. Every day, every event, is hard. But all the “firsts’ cut a little deeper. I know even though my husband will be smiling when he watches his boys squeal in excitement opening up their  gifts, he will have one thought on his mind, D A D And that’s okay, […]

all the firsts


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