A letter to my sons Growing up for me wasn’t always easy, secure, or picture perfect.  Even as a young girl I had this deep desire to be a mom, your mom  Looking back I know that came from above , but also was my way of fixing what wasn’t for me as a kid.  […]

A letter to my sons

  baby feet do something to me   apparently so much so that I feel a need to Mommy Blog about it 🙂   almost like a breath of fresh spring air   or hearing the ocean  waves crashing the shore at night   with all three boys it was the same     one […]

baby feet bliss

I sneak in your room. Like a big fat creep. And I take pictures of you sleeping in your beautiful nursery. In your beautiful crib.   Because. I realize you won’t be sleeping in it much longer. And time is on fast forward lately. So sleep sweet baby cub. Don’t mind me. Just your biggest […]

Because.  .


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