Okay Guys there are many things I can live without, and a few I cannot. GOD MY FAMILY THE BEACH WINE AND COFFEE!!!!!!! Are deal breakers for this Mama bear. All in different doses and priorities obviously 😉  I was contacted by Caveman Coffee Co to try out their specialty coffee and […]

Caveman Coffee

It is my pleasure to introduce to you Heather Martin. She is my first guest blogger and I think we all have so much we can learn from her.   This is her story:   The way we envision our lives is most often not the way it turns out to be. We grow up […]

God’s Perfect Plan

I think sometimes devices such as televisions, iPads and gaming systems can get a really bad rap. All technology in moderation can be used for good and when it comes to homeschooling three boys all on different levels I rely on their iPad and Homer Learning Software. While one boy is needing extra help with a […]

Learning with Homer

  Many moons ago I was a 19 year old nursing student in New Jersey. My grandmother worked for the visiting nurse association for decades and I felt drawn to it as a job while studying. One of the things I specialized in was Hospice Care. Many of my peers would say, Wow that’s depressing […]

these are the days 

  baby feet do something to me   apparently so much so that I feel a need to Mommy Blog about it 🙂   almost like a breath of fresh spring air   or hearing the ocean  waves crashing the shore at night   with all three boys it was the same     one […]

baby feet bliss

I sneak in your room. Like a big fat creep. And I take pictures of you sleeping in your beautiful nursery. In your beautiful crib.   Because. I realize you won’t be sleeping in it much longer. And time is on fast forward lately. So sleep sweet baby cub. Don’t mind me. Just your biggest […]

Because.  .


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