The older the boys get, the more I am annoyed with the overwhelming responsibility of too many made in China gifts under the tree. Before you give me the nickname  Ebenezer Scrooge, hear me out. We’ve all been there, counting the presents making sure all the siblings are happy. Wrapping gifts, letting the kids circle […]

The true meaning of Christmas : with the Giving Manger

First Christmas after loss is hard. Every day, every event, is hard. But all the “firsts’ cut a little deeper. I know even though my husband will be smiling when he watches his boys squeal in excitement opening up their  gifts, he will have one thought on his mind, D A D And that’s okay, […]

all the firsts

Everyone around us is happy. Carefree and all into the Christmas season. Not us. We lost our  grandfather, father, friend less than two weeks ago. No. I don’t want to say “Merry Christmas ” And I don’t want to buy you a gift. Our tree is up because the boys asked for it. I sound like […]

it’s okay not to be merry this Christmas


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