Today was really hard, let’s also note  it is still only 12:41 PM. Imperfect plans that are done are always better than perfect plans that never happen. High hopes are often the final wave that submerges a drowning homeschooling mom. We dream of what it could be like being the primary educator of our […]

The End in Mind

    Every year we love our butterfly study. Sonlight does a great job at truly capturing the beauty of  this process in a hands on way with their amazing literature rich books 🙂 I take it up a notch and order real live caterpillars ! The process is so neat to watch and is […]

From Caterpillar to Butterfly

I remember being 18 and wow, 30 seemed prehistoric. Now that I am 30 I realize how silly I was. No different then when one of my children hits a milestone age, this is kind of a big deal for me. Not in the kind of way that’s Ew! I am thirty. But in the […]

– mama bear turns thirty

We have already started our school year unofficially. But as far as the co op goes that isn’t for another week or so. I have had a number of my fellow homeschool Mamas reach out to me asking what my favorites are for our classroom. So here you go. Yours Truly Planner – this planner […]

Back to Homeschool Must Haves 

living so close to the beach we have to be very careful with the sun. that’s why we only use Babo Botanicals  safe. natural. works. Working with this company has been an honor. ☀️Introducing the 1st 100% Zinc Sheer Continuous Spray SPF 30 sunscreen for the entire family. Babo’s fragrance free sunscreen is perfect for extra […]

Summer with Babo BOTANICALS

[wpvideo UswSM78w] today the boys had baseball. it never gets old watching them on the field, improving and hitting the ball. one of my favorite things is watching Sean as their coach. I never had that growing up. I was always that kid that was a bit jealous of the players that were able to […]

baseball & my boys


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