personalize your kitchen with Courson Designs I am a sucker for my kids’ art work. my entire house has become one big art gallery of almost every picture the boys have made. my cabinets, walls, and bedrooms have their sloppy artwork all over it. I love how their art changes every year; that’s why I […]

my new favorite kitchen accessory

Because I am not only a free lance photographer but also a Mama first, Planet Jill custom handmade jewelry pulls at my heart strings in more ways than one. Turn Your Photos into Beautiful Gifts Too many photos are trapped in phones, computers, and desk drawers. With PlanetJill, you can display your most precious photos […]

PlanetJill For the Perfect Mothers Day gift

I sneak in your room. Like a big fat creep. And I take pictures of you sleeping in your beautiful nursery. In your beautiful crib.   Because. I realize you won’t be sleeping in it much longer. And time is on fast forward lately. So sleep sweet baby cub. Don’t mind me. Just your biggest […]

Because.  .

Mamarazzi Hi yes thats me. I am that weirdo that ALWAYS has a big clunky Nikon with her almost everywhere. I have absolutely no reason to defend why, but I would like to help you understand when you see us crazy parents out in public doing it. When you become a parent instantly you are enamored. [wpvideo KWVCaoX1] […]


First Christmas after loss is hard. Every day, every event, is hard. But all the “firsts’ cut a little deeper. I know even though my husband will be smiling when he watches his boys squeal in excitement opening up their  gifts, he will have one thought on his mind, D A D And that’s okay, […]

all the firsts

Everyone around us is happy. Carefree and all into the Christmas season. Not us. We lost our  grandfather, father, friend less than two weeks ago. No. I don’t want to say “Merry Christmas ” And I don’t want to buy you a gift. Our tree is up because the boys asked for it. I sound like […]

it’s okay not to be merry this Christmas


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