It doesn’t take long into the new year to sort of give up on our resolutions. Life is busy,  homeschool gets tough and old characteristics are always much easier to revert back to right? I am not that big on resolutions, only because I believe we should be trying to better ourselves all year, […]

2019 Homeschool Resolutions

One thing that gets overwhelming very fast is which curriculum to use with your child. The beauty of homeschool is the opportunity to customize every single aspect of how and what your child learns. Here  are my personal top five curriculums or services we like to use for school. 1. Bob Jones  2. My Fathers World […]

my top five homeschool curriculums

I think sometimes there is a misconception that 1. every single homeschooler should have a classroom set up in their home OR 2. we are sitting down going over lessons for 8 hours   Although yes in the younger years it has definitely helped having a separate school area,  its not necessary . Every family […]

sometimes our classroom doesn’t look how you’d expect

Because I know for certain no parent takes their children’s future lightly, and the amount of inquiries I have had of people interested in this controversial & challenging topic I have decided to give you some reasons why my husband and I homeschool our three boys   *As a disclaimer at the very beginning* *I […]



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