It is my pleasure to introduce to you Heather Martin. She is my first guest blogger and I think we all have so much we can learn from her.   This is her story:   The way we envision our lives is most often not the way it turns out to be. We grow up […]

God’s Perfect Plan

I sneak in your room. Like a big fat creep. And I take pictures of you sleeping in your beautiful nursery. In your beautiful crib.   Because. I realize you won’t be sleeping in it much longer. And time is on fast forward lately. So sleep sweet baby cub. Don’t mind me. Just your biggest […]

Because.  .

Mamarazzi Hi yes thats me. I am that weirdo that ALWAYS has a big clunky Nikon with her almost everywhere. I have absolutely no reason to defend why, but I would like to help you understand when you see us crazy parents out in public doing it. When you become a parent instantly you are enamored. [wpvideo KWVCaoX1] […]


I think sometimes there is a misconception that 1. every single homeschooler should have a classroom set up in their home OR 2. we are sitting down going over lessons for 8 hours   Although yes in the younger years it has definitely helped having a separate school area,  its not necessary . Every family […]

sometimes our classroom doesn’t look how you’d expect

Because I know for certain no parent takes their children’s future lightly, and the amount of inquiries I have had of people interested in this controversial & challenging topic I have decided to give you some reasons why my husband and I homeschool our three boys   *As a disclaimer at the very beginning* *I […]


Today I was reminded by a dear friend of mine something that has secretly been nagging me and that is how most times blogs, Instagram and Facebook, usually set up other mothers and friends for failure.   What do I mean by that ? The one picture I post of my beautiful kids, life, husband […]

You Can’t Judge a Book by its Social Media Cover


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