Today was really hard, let’s also note ┬áit is still only 12:41 PM. Imperfect plans that are done are always better than perfect plans that never happen. High hopes are often the final wave that submerges a drowning homeschooling mom. We dream of what it could be like being the primary educator of our […]

The End in Mind

Pregnancy can be exciting and scary at the same time. Pregnancy also comes with some pretty common discomforts. Your pregnancy doesn’t have to be a dreadful experience, full of morning sickness, body aches, or lack of sleep. I also know when you get pregnant, most options go out the window and you can feel a […]

Pregnancy and Oils

It didn’t take much for my hopes and dreams of motherhood to be quickly squashed. You know that Mother you always thought you would be? Always happy, ┬áNEVER YELLING and enjoying every single moment? Growing up I always knew I wanted to have kids, in fact I really had no desire to be some powerful […]

why enough seems out of reach

Whether it was high school or in my early twenties, I was always  a social butterfly. I had so called  friends  galore! Many things drastically change from the second you become a Mom. During all the different stages, pregnancies, having an infant, having an infant and a toddler, then having school age children, sporting events, […]

– I can only be your friend via text

I am a photographer. If you really want to ruffle my feathers, print my images that I work so hard on capturing and then spend hours editing through a low quality printing company. Or do yourself a favor and use Plywerk Plywerk is an amazing company that custom prints your cherished moments on wood and […]

Print your Pictures on Wood – Plywerk

personalize your kitchen with Courson Designs I am a sucker for my kids’ art work. my entire house has become one big art gallery of almost every picture the boys have made. my cabinets, walls, and bedrooms have their sloppy artwork all over it. I love how their art changes every year; that’s why I […]

my new favorite kitchen accessory


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