The boys have always been water babies. Pools, lakes, the ocean, the bay, you name it and they want to swim in it. Being outdoors can be a concern especially with Luke’s delicate skin. Thats were SwimZip comes into the picture ­čÖé The brand is based out of┬áKansas City and they design every piece with […]

Keeping the Cubs Safe with SwimZip

The older the boys get, the more I am annoyed with the overwhelming responsibility of too many made in China gifts under the tree. Before you give me the nickname ┬áEbenezer Scrooge, hear me out. We’ve all been there, counting the presents making sure all the siblings are happy. Wrapping gifts, letting the kids circle […]

The true meaning of Christmas : with the Giving Manger

Whether it was high school or in my early twenties, I was always  a social butterfly. I had so called  friends  galore! Many things drastically change from the second you become a Mom. During all the different stages, pregnancies, having an infant, having an infant and a toddler, then having school age children, sporting events, […]

– I can only be your friend via text


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