The boys have always been water babies. Pools, lakes, the ocean, the bay, you name it and they want to swim in it. Being outdoors can be a concern especially with Luke’s delicate skin. Thats were SwimZip comes into the picture 🙂 The brand is based out of Kansas City and they design every piece with […]

Keeping the Cubs Safe with SwimZip

The entire bible and all it contains is profitable for every person and especially Mamas. But I was asked by a friend and sister in Christ to compile my personal favorite passages that help me get through long days raising up my boys in the way they should go.   Find my entire blog post […]

10 bible verses for mama 

Dear Sean, Another year. This one was different than the rest. God let much loss and pain in. I have a different perspective on discipline being a mom of three boys, knowing temporary pain produces lasting change in my sons. I cant speak on behalf of God, but I know for certain you are his […]

dear sean

      late again ? I used to be late because I changed my outfit ten times or spent extra time on my makeup and hair these days not so much SO HERES TEN REASONS I AM LATE : Besides myself I have three other bodies to feed, dress, brush hair, teeth, I know […]

10 legit reasons I’m late

  baby feet do something to me   apparently so much so that I feel a need to Mommy Blog about it 🙂   almost like a breath of fresh spring air   or hearing the ocean  waves crashing the shore at night   with all three boys it was the same     one […]

baby feet bliss


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