It is no surprise that when we do anything against the grain that can sometimes come with prejudices. I thought it would be fun to do a homeschool myth post 🙂 Myth : Homeschooled Children Don’t Socialize This is perhaps the most prevalent myth, and the most incorrect. Socialization is about much more than […]

Homeschool Myths

As if breastfeeding wasn’t hard enough, try dressing so you can have easy access to your milk supply at all times. For a new mom that is dealing with post partum and body image it is never easy. Meet Roolee a trendy online shop that caters to Mamas!   I am so grateful to have […]

Making Breastfeeding easier + stylish with Roolee

I remember being 18 and wow, 30 seemed prehistoric. Now that I am 30 I realize how silly I was. No different then when one of my children hits a milestone age, this is kind of a big deal for me. Not in the kind of way that’s Ew! I am thirty. But in the […]

– mama bear turns thirty

Dear Boys, Today we officially have started our second full time year of homeschool. I dropped you off at your sweet co op this morning. I am so blessed that I get to take part in your education, but I will admit however it stings, every time I watch you fly. I promise you this […]

|| a letter to my sons on their first day of school – homeschool mom

Every so often I think it’s important to be real with my followers and subscribers. Real like not my perfect picture on Instagram. So here goes: I usually never have makeup on. I yell at my kids, and repent eventually. I lose my patience second by second. My marriage is not perfect, but it is […]

Reality Check

One thing that gets overwhelming very fast is which curriculum to use with your child. The beauty of homeschool is the opportunity to customize every single aspect of how and what your child learns. Here  are my personal top five curriculums or services we like to use for school. 1. Bob Jones  2. My Fathers World […]

my top five homeschool curriculums


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