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when it comes to baby gear, less is more. as a new mom I thought I needed every single gadget on the market, but when you have three kids, you quickly realize more gear = more chaos. for target runs I almost always have to have one child on my back and one in the […]

Joovy Balloon

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I am by no means a homeschool veteran, but I believe everyone has something to learn from mistakes. this school year I will have a pre-schooler, kindergartener, and first grader. it is exciting and scary all at the same time, and I have learned so much from my own personal homeschool mistakes of last year. […]

Top Five Mistakes New Homeschool Moms Make

“Okay guys!” “Let’s run into Target really quick, we’ll need a few things” We walk out 2 hours later with nothing we originally went for. Who can relate? I’m learning to embrace long Target trips, and as you’ll see from this vlog post, we even have some fun. So here’s some advice to my fellow […]

Raising Cubs Target Problems

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Staying fresh with Humble Brands

I think sometimes there is a misconception that 1. every single homeschooler should have a classroom set up in their home OR 2. we are sitting down going over lessons for 8 hours   Although yes in the younger years it has definitely helped having a separate school area,  its not necessary . Every family […]

sometimes our classroom doesn’t look how you’d expect

Because I know for certain no parent takes their children’s future lightly, and the amount of inquiries I have had of people interested in this controversial & challenging topic I have decided to give you some reasons why my husband and I homeschool our three boys   *As a disclaimer at the very beginning* *I […]



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