I remember being 18 and wow, 30 seemed prehistoric. Now that I am 30 I realize how silly I was. No different then when one of my children hits a milestone age, this is kind of a big deal for me. Not in the kind of way that’s Ew! I am thirty. But in the […]

– mama bear turns thirty

I am always on the lookout for new and fun activities to do with the boys when we are homeschooling. One of my favorite companies to work with is Snow Alligator Snow Alligator is an online retailer of charming and whimsical products for your home and for your kids. The boys and I did their […]

finishing up our homeschool year with snow alligator

[wpvideo UswSM78w] today the boys had baseball. it never gets old watching them on the field, improving and hitting the ball. one of my favorite things is watching Sean as their coach. I never had that growing up. I was always that kid that was a bit jealous of the players that were able to […]

baseball & my boys

John is homeschooled and we are part of an amazing co op two days a week. Mama gets support and a break and John gets to have a regular school day with other kids his age that are also homeschooled. But guess what comes with that? GERMS!!!! One of the things we use to stay […]

Staying Healthy with GreenerWays

Every year we plant a garden. I think it is so important to teach the boys how much goes into the food they so easily can buy at the supermarket. This year we were able to get all of our organic soil and veggies at an amazing price at Costco But nothing makes me more […]

Organic Garden Raising Cubs Style

        Okay Guys there are many things I can live without, and a few I cannot. GOD MY FAMILY THE BEACH WINE AND COFFEE!!!!!!! Are deal breakers for this Mama bear. All in different doses and priorities obviously 😉  I was contacted by Caveman Coffee Co to try out their specialty coffee and […]

Caveman Coffee


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