It doesn’t take long to realize once becoming pregnant that this parenthood thing is going to be expensive ! Baby gear in itself is overwhelming and scary to even think of. One of the HUGE things a new Mama Bear needs is a breast pump if she is thinking of taking her breast feeding passed […]

Free Breast Pumps for New Parents, with Bump Benefits

John is homeschooled and we are part of an amazing co op two days a week. Mama gets support and a break and John gets to have a regular school day with other kids his age that are also homeschooled. But guess what comes with that? GERMS!!!! One of the things we use to stay […]

Staying Healthy with GreenerWays

      late again ? I used to be late because I changed my outfit ten times or spent extra time on my makeup and hair these days not so much SO HERES TEN REASONS I AM LATE : Besides myself I have three other bodies to feed, dress, brush hair, teeth, I know […]

10 legit reasons I’m late

[wpvideo qe7GCrzi]     Naps Those things we fought hard growing up Yet ¬†we would give anything to sneak away and take one as an adult I know every home looks different and has their own routines But here is a glimpse of ours at nap time I find that one of the biggest reasons […]

nap time rituals & tips


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