Today was really hard, let’s also note  it is still only 12:41 PM. Imperfect plans that are done are always better than perfect plans that never happen. High hopes are often the final wave that submerges a drowning homeschooling mom. We dream of what it could be like being the primary educator of our […]

The End in Mind

    Every year we love our butterfly study. Sonlight does a great job at truly capturing the beauty of  this process in a hands on way with their amazing literature rich books 🙂 I take it up a notch and order real live caterpillars ! The process is so neat to watch and is […]

From Caterpillar to Butterfly

When my husband originally shared his convictions of us homeschooling the boys I was more than hesitant, I mean after all I am not a teacher right ? WRONG See although I have only just finished my first year in this journey, I have learned sooo much. I think its important to share some truths about […]

the truth about homeschooling your kid; year one in the books, this is what I have learned thus far

Dear Sean, Another year. This one was different than the rest. God let much loss and pain in. I have a different perspective on discipline being a mom of three boys, knowing temporary pain produces lasting change in my sons. I cant speak on behalf of God, but I know for certain you are his […]

dear sean

      late again ? I used to be late because I changed my outfit ten times or spent extra time on my makeup and hair these days not so much SO HERES TEN REASONS I AM LATE : Besides myself I have three other bodies to feed, dress, brush hair, teeth, I know […]

10 legit reasons I’m late

Once upon a time I was in my early twenties. I had one baby. And he rocked my world. I remember calling my mom on our first outing alone crying. As I walked into the store I saw an experienced Mama and watched her in awe. She had kids hanging off of her. What struck me […]

Stay Strong 


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