Sometimes instead of a big party   hiring a photographer to capture this sweet milestone is even better  Meet Faith her milestone birthday is less than a few weeks away and we had a blast doing her session !          

Sweet S I X T E E N

I had a really bad day A bad mom day James was clingy Seans traveling for work John started a fire on the stove ( yes it happened, no you don’t need to call protective services 😉 I yelled a lot I am not proud of that But what I can say is this Around […]


Nothing better than a new squishy baby I had the pleasure of capturing this little love last week welcome Madilyn  [wpvideo U92IYyJ8]

Curtis Hospital Session

I sneak in your room. Like a big fat creep. And I take pictures of you sleeping in your beautiful nursery. In your beautiful crib.   Because. I realize you won’t be sleeping in it much longer. And time is on fast forward lately. So sleep sweet baby cub. Don’t mind me. Just your biggest […]

Because.  .

Mamarazzi Hi yes thats me. I am that weirdo that ALWAYS has a big clunky Nikon with her almost everywhere. I have absolutely no reason to defend why, but I would like to help you understand when you see us crazy parents out in public doing it. When you become a parent instantly you are enamored. [wpvideo KWVCaoX1] […]


I think sometimes there is a misconception that 1. every single homeschooler should have a classroom set up in their home OR 2. we are sitting down going over lessons for 8 hours   Although yes in the younger years it has definitely helped having a separate school area,  its not necessary . Every family […]

sometimes our classroom doesn’t look how you’d expect


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